10 DIY Room Decorating Ideas for 2016-17

The world of interior decoration is making efforts to reinvent itself for the new season, and with technology and modern materials available, we can keep up with the trends single-handedly. We have handpicked the best of the upcoming tendencies and gave our suggestions how to adapt it for your own DIY projects.

1. 3-D Printed Items

This amazing new-age gadget has given us the freedom to make pretty much everything we desire. You can print personally designed sculptures or decorative accessories and give your home a unique look. If you can’t afford to buy this machine, you can still dabble with this technique via 3D pen. Make your children’s favourite shapes and refresh their walls and windows.

2. Floral Upholstery

The house makeover trail-blazers are announcing the end of the solids’ reign and the introduction of the floral fabrics for our furnishings. Chintz or damask, it’s up to you, as long as the pattern is cheerful and light. I’ve seen a bedroom sofa in deep-green and yellow tones, and I’m currently on a hunt to get something similar and reupholster my old two-seat.

3. Minimalistic Haven

Opting for minimalism this season is not only a trendy move, but also brings an array of other benefits you can integrate at your own terms. Here’s how:

  • Two-colour scheme eases the selection of tints (black and white being most common)
  • You can combine the classic elements like wood, metal and glass
  • The decluttering will give you the instant minimalistic effect
  • Keeping the accessories at minimum will save you money
  • Inexpensive light fixtures can effectively enhance the design

4. Eclectic Setting

This rise of this type of décor organisation will certainly bring joy to many people in love with a variety of styles, like myself. Focus on intelligently employed details and quality of the elements for a successful merge of your favourite designs. Classic wooden pieces and quirky art installations can get along perfectly!

5. Accent Walls

Placing wallpaper on all four walls is so last century, but the use of quality wallcoverings hasn’t lost its place in the today’s interior design solutions. For bedrooms, that can be the headboard side (if your bed is simple and unadorned) or one of the walls in your living room. If the room is predominantly white and beige, I’d pick a pale-gold-on-white vintage pattern for a stunning, regal look.

6. The Elegant Neutrals

The neutrals haven’t lost their ground to the rest of the popular choices for this year, and the impression they make is indubitably timeless. Resort to base (or main) tints such as alabaster, ivory, bone, eggshell and all sorts of creamy neutrals for paintjob or furnishings and you’ll have an up-to-date abode.

7. High-end and low-key

If you’re not entirely sure how to maintain the balance between a city condo and a country summer house, the experts are suggesting we maximise the design on both fronts. Invest in high-end pieces for the city dwelling and keep your farmhouse light with lovely homemade curtains and comfy chairs.

8. Customisation Takeover

DIY projects and customization go hand in hand, so this one’s a match made in heaven, and a fashionable one. The 2016 and 2017 will be in the sign of custom-made interiors, and this leaves a lot of space for solo projects and personalization. I plan to incorporate the remodelled, lacquered cupboards and do a lamp makeover around the house.

9. The Marriage of Modern and Vintage

This year, prepare to encounter the biggest surge of the period furniture ever. If you’re wondering what the latest fad is now, the designers have an answer: the undepreciated styles of the 17th, 18th and 19th century are stepping boldly into the modern households. The richness of hues and materials will make your home look refined and noble.

10. Innovative Pieces

We have mentioned the 3D printing, but other innovations are bound to find their place in the selection of styles for this period too. The diy-proof ideas are mostly based on the multitasking traits that also efficiently save some space.

Whether you can afford to buy a store made piece or you have a tight budget, there are plenty of DIY worthy ideas you can involve in your home design.

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