3 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Simply put, a happy tenant is a good tenant. And a tenant who is likely to stay put for years.

Here are 3 simple ways that you can keep your tenants content:

Tenants Happy

#1. Set Clear Expectations

Before the tenant ever signs the lease, be completely clear with all of the rules for the property/unit. In addition to listing these rules on the lease agreement, give your tenants separate comprehensive and clear-cut list of all rules.

#2. Communication is Key

To maintain a positive relationship with your tenant, communication is essential. When an issue arises, a tenant should trust that they will find a sympathetic ear in their property manager. With an integrated communication system (such as the one offered through TrueRent Message Board), communication with tenants can be easy and efficient.

#3. Show Appreciation

As you know, good tenants are hard to come by. When you have one, make sure that you show that you appreciate them. Voice your appreciation often in person, via email, or even in a thank you card. Furthermore, take the next step in showing your appreciation by offering incentives or discounts for tenants who maintain and keep the property in great condition. Such incentives can go a lot farther in encouraging tenant cleanliness and maintenance than a traditional deposit refund ever could.

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