4 Ways to Convince Your Friends to Help You Move

Let’s face it we all have to rely on friendship to get us through this rat race that is life. Sometimes it’s a shoulder to cry on and sometimes it’s two arms to help you move an incredible amount of stuff. I am talking of course about moving. If they are good friends they will probably help regardless of what you do, but it’s always a good idea to help sweeten the deal.

Below is a list of the 4 best ways to convince your friends to help you move.

  1. Give Proper Notice:

Let your friends know that you will need their help on a specific date at least 3 months in advance so it gives them enough to change pans as well as you to accrue as many helpful hands as possible. This is probably the most imperative step, as it will give you some solid ground to stand on and help give you an idea of weather you will be needing to hire a professional moving service or not.

  1. Sweeten the Deal:
  • Offer to buy helping hands dinner the previous weekend.
  • Buy a bunch of small Amazon gift cards.
  • Provide food and beverages during the move.
  • Throw a party after the move.
  • Barbeque
  1. Make it Fun

It’s hard to associate helping someone move with fun, but it’s important to know that people are indeed taking time out of their day of rest to help you out. Therefore, make sure to have plenty of refreshments available during the moving process. In addition, heavy lifting requires us to expend a tremendous amount of energy so it would be best to get some food there. A cheap high caloric option would be pizza or party sandwiches.

  1. Guilt Trip

Well last and certainly the least honorable would be guilt tripping your friends. Granted if you have to guilt trip them, they will certainly not be the most enthusiastic about helping and may even have a sour attitude about it. If that is the case then you should definitely follow steps 2 and 3! You could also mention that you already hired a moving company and that they will be doing the heavy lifting. This is turn could alleviate concerns that friends may have about hurting themselves.

Regardless you never know when you might need help again and it’s important that you recognize helping hands and make them feel appreciated for doing you a favor. In the end moving, for the most part, is not an enjoyable process and it’s good to have a few friends to help slit the burden with you.

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