7 Easy Care Window Treatments for Patio Doors

If you are a proud homeowner with a patio door, you already know how challenging this can be for you. Patio doors are huge, offering a big amount of glass space. They are wonderful as they let in light and give you abundant view of what is outside. However, there are definitely times when you simply want to have a little privacy. This is where you have to choose from different window treatment styles. Arjay’s Window Fashions have a number of window treatment options for your patio door and the top 7 include the following:

Fully Closing Draperies

If your patio door is installed on an end wall, you can use fully closing draperies, which will be fitted wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The stunning layered treatment comes with sheers and panels and you can move the two sets of draperies as well. If you want to save, the side panels should be stationary while the sheers remain movable.

Sheer Verticals

Sheer verticals are perfect for people who want to gain a traditional look on their home décor. These are actually a combination of sheer draperies and vertical blinds, making this type of window treatment quite functional.

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels are a favorite of many homeowners due to the following reasons:

  • They are adjustable.
  • They help save energy bills
  • They offer beautiful scenery especially during the summer.

You can use the sliding panels to cover a part of the patio door or all of it if you wish.

Sliding Shoji Screens

These screens are quite uncommon in homes, but if you want functionality, you may want to consider them. A shoji screen comes with a wooden gridded border with transparent rice paper found between the grids. There are many beautiful designs of these screens, allowing you to get that oriental style in your home.

Ring Clips

If you do not want to drag down the light look of your patio doors, you do not have to use heavy metal rods or wood for your window treatment. Ring clips are a hanging system where you only have to use a subtle cable to support your panels.

Side-Mounted Panels

If you simply want to enhance the decorative side of your patio doors, these side-mounted panels are among the best choices out there. They are made to fit sliding doors that are constantly used by the people at home. These panels are not intended to be moved so you can use them if you want to get barrier-free views all the time. Typically, these panels are installed about 12 inches above the door’s frame so as to give height to your ceiling.

Plantation Shutters

These energy-efficient shutters offer charm into your home. They appear like a closet-door where they are attached together as they pleat against each other. Plantation shutters can either be free-hanging or track-supported. You can use these shutters for your patio door whether you want to open just one side of your door or you want both sides to move.

Patio doors may be thought-provoking when it comes to their coverings, but there are a number of window treatment patterns such as the ones given above. Whether you want functionality or you are all for the design, you will surely find one that will best match with your home.

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