A Professional Plumber is Your Home’s Best Friend

When the plumbing in your home or office is not functioning properly, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber. Plumbing is not something you want to deal with yourself because it needs to be done right. There may be local codes of which you are not aware, and in the end, if you try to do-it-yourself, you could cause more problems than you fix.

When to Call a Professional?

When you have problems with your water heater, frozen pipes or sewage, you need a professional plumber as soon as possible. Most top-rate plumbing services offer 24/7 emergency service. This means that they will come to your rescue if your sewer drains are overflowing, leaks in your pipes appear in the middle of the night or your toilet or drains are plugged.

Water heaters are highly-technical appliances and need to be installed correctly to be safe and efficient. When you get your first cold morning shower, call a professional to find the cause. In an electric unit, it might be the circuit breaker, heating element or a blown fuse, and for a gas unit, the problem may be the thermocouple burners or igniter. If your water heater is more than 13 years old, you may need a new one. Your plumber can get the new one into your home, install it and dispose of the old one. In any case, this may be your best option, because new technology used in the manufacturing of water heaters has made them much more energy-efficient, which will lower your energy bills.

If a pipe becomes frozen during the coldest months, you could try to defrost it with a hair dryer. However, this isn’t your best option. A plumber can simply replace the frozen section and not bother to defrost it. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Home Renovations

Home renovating and upgrading of bathrooms and kitchens is a popular do-it-yourself activity. You know the look you want and may have learned how to achieve it through new fixtures, flooring and paint. However, plumbing is an area in which you will be better served by a professional. If you want to change the position of your sink or toilet in the bathroom, or would like your stove moved to another wall, a professional has the knowledge and tools to do the job quickly and correctly the first time. Many of these appliances are governed by local building codes, especially gas connections, which a professional will know.

Purchasing bottled water is expensive and not environmentally-friendly. Many people are installing water treatment systems in their homes, so they can have pure drinking water at all times. Your friendly, professional plumber can install filtration and ultra-violet systems as well as water softeners.

If you’re planning to purchase new faucets, sinks, toilets, bath tubs, sewage pumps, well pumps or any other equipment required for your water usage, your plumber will be able to give you recommendations about the quality of the different brands that are available.

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