Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cookers

Pressure cookers are it traditional or electric is one obvious choice of every individual who loves to cook and eat. Especially in today fast paced life, nobody has time to spend hours in kitchen. Also at the same time, people love to eat tasty and healthy food. Hence, cookers are the only tool available that make it possible to cook tasty and healthy food in no time. Thus, it saves us time, energy and effort without compromising on quality of food.

As every coin have two facets to it, pressure cookers to have their own advantages and disadvantages to it. To start with, let us discuss the disadvantages of a pressure cooker.


Durability: When compared to traditional cookers, electric cookers are less durable and this is clearly evident with the shorter warranties provided by the manufacturing companies. The obvious reason being electric cookers come with much more sophisticated cooker parts and electronics thereby increasing the chances of its failure as well. Most of the latest cooker models are equipped with additional electronics, press buttons, displays panels, and many other useful structures. All such electronics cannot sustain excess heat levels that the cookers function with. However, durability factor also depends upon the manufacturing company also as some provide more warranty than the others as their products are of superior quality. But all in all it is a well known fact that electric models cannot last longer than the traditional cookers.

LOWER PSI: Pressure is usually calculated in pounds per square inch (PSI). Pressure cookers function with high pressures and this heat makes the steam even hotter thereby decreasing the cooking time and enabling faster cooking. Most of the recipes cooked in pressure cookers are written assuming the capacity to be 15 PSI and hence every traditional cooker is able to build this pressure. However the electric cookers cannot achieve the 15 PSI as they are based on heating units and also the safety and cost elements are considered in electric cookers. They are therefore build for 9 – 12 PSI. Reducing the PSI obviously leads to lower temperature, which ultimately means more cooking time. Also, it is a pain to keep adjusting the PSI as most recipes are based on 15 PSI.

SAFETY FACTOR: Safety factor is more debateable with the traditional cookers. However, it is more of improper usage and negligence of users that results to accidents by pressure cookers. Electric pressure cookers are very easy to use and hence people tend to cross the limits involuntarily or choose incorrect settings or do not attend or monitor them. Therefore, whether old or new model, cookers should be used with care and attention. Also it is important that the users read the manual thoroughly before using the cooker. Incase you follow these you are sure to use it safely.


CONVENIENCE: Latest cookers come with all kind of additional features such as timers, specific cooking settings, PSI adjustments etc. All these save a lot of time and effort. Though traditional cookers are mucheasier to cook and faster, electric cookers are much more convenient and people wouldn’t really bother if they took a little more time than the traditional cooker.

Consistent Heating: Electric designs have heating element integrated in them where as a traditional cooker has to adapt to different cooking surfaces such as gas range, electrical coils or glass top. Traditional cookers are said to have performed excellently irrespective of the cooking surface whereas the electric cookers have had problems. The reason for such failure is that cookers function efficiently if the heat and pressure is steady; too much of fluctuation causes varying temperatures thus making it difficult to calculate the duration for cooking. In the end this results in the food being over or under cooked. Thus, to avoid all these hassles it is better toopt for electric cooking.

However, when you have decided to buy a cooker be it electric or manual make sure that you read the manual carefully and follow the instructions. This will enable you to use the cooker to the maximum without any hassles. Also it is important that you take time to ensure minimum maintenance of the equipment. And if you are confused as to if you should opt for a electric or traditional cooker, then just prioritise your preferences and needs and choose one that suits you the best. Either ways which ever you choose both have their own set of pros and cons or it basically depends on your budget and convenience.

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