Your Scrap Car Isn’t Useless After All

If your car has been in an accident or if it has been rendered useless then it is high time that you say your goodbyes to it. As they say, ‘One man’s poison is another man’s treasure’, your car that was only a burden to you and the environment will prove to be a treasure to the environment and industries after you hand it over to us.

We Extract The Treasure

Your car is composed of many parts that are of high value to many industries. The steel and metals from your car are sold to steel mills that happen to be our happiest of customers. This is because we provide them with the steel that they may otherwise have to make by going through the whole hectic process. This saves efforts, energy resources and financial resources. When lesser energy is used by the steel mill, lesser fossil fuels are burned and lesser fumes are excreted into the environment.

The spare parts of the car are sold to car manufacturing industries. They too benefit from this because they have to put in lesser effort in making the car. All they have to do is repair, refine and put together the parts of the car provided and lo and behold, they have themselves a brand new car ready to be purchased. This way more cars can be manufactured in a lesser time period with less effort.

Companies that deal in electronics buy stereo systems and other electronic systems of the car from us. They too, repair and alter the system a bit and make it new to be sold out in the market.

Chemical industries, companies that deal with rubber and plastic also purchase from us the products as raw material and enjoy the sale of a product without spending days in the making of a product.

When all of these industries are given the chance to save efforts, time and their resources, they have time to create something new. This also means that energy is being saved in huge amounts by just the efforts of our affordable car removalist industry and also helping in saving the Earth from further pollution.

Well now you know how we’re the queen of the green cycle and that your scrap car has more to give to the world than it could give you if you kept it.

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