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Being a contributor is one of the strongest ways to help you build your reputation, earn trust, reach new audience, provided it is done the right way. To write for is actually easy, you just have to follow some simple rules to make sure that your first article is accepted.

Our Guidelines : does not accept submissions to link to products or services that the Editor has no knowledge or experience about.

With much effort and hard work, Truly Unbelievable has reached to a level that “beginner” type articles that has been said over and over again will also not be accepted.

We do not accept article submissions for SEO purposes.

So, If you have understood the posting guidelines above, then please send me an email and let me know what type of post you going to submit. 3-4 title suggestions would be great. From there, I will contact you to move forward.

Please be patient, as it could take a while before I get back to you. You will get notified for sure.

Thank You!