How to choose the roof ladder and other varieties of ladder

Being a residential roofer, your everyday companion is the roof ladder. You have to select your roof ladder very carefully so that you can maintain the safety in your everyday work and complete your job very smoothly. In the awkward roof slopes, a good ladder is the friend in need for you. You have to choose it from the different variation of the ladders and select the supporting accessories carefully. A discreet selection of good roof ladder will help you to install it quickly. Always keep it in mind that in the houses or the sites, you need to overcome all the obstructions with the roof ladder.

Varieties of roof ladder

There are various shapes, sizes and features available in the category of roof ladders to make your job easy and safe. First, consider the site location first and purchase the ladder accordingly. For instance, to install shingles, you need step ladder or extension ladder to reach at the roof and then require a roof ladder to complete the work. Always tie your ladder or use stabilizer so that your ladder would not slide and cause any fatal accident.

Ladder Style:

  • Fixed

This is a permanent or long time fixture on the wall. Residential sites mostly do not require this. The commercial buildings require this type of installation where roof access is frequently required round the year.

  • Self-supporting:

Self-supporting ladders have the ladder-stand of their own. These are ‘A’ shaped ladders and do not require wall support for climbing. These are safe and so you can climb with more weight.

  • Non-self supporting:

As the name suggests, it requires a wall support. Sometimes they come with folding extension varieties. You can stretch them as you need to climb higher.

  • Roofing Ladder:

These are the same as folding – extension ladder. To access the tall building’s roof, they are the ideal. You just need to unfold the extension part of the ladder and incline that on the wall to reach.

  • Ladder Size:

Ladders come in various sizes – from 2 feet to 40 feet. For maximum length, you need an extension ladder with multiple folds. Sometimes, there is a mechanism of roll or pulley system to unfold it.

How to calculate the length of the ladder:

You may be thinking of the size of the roof ladder which is perfect to reach at the roof. Keep it in mind that actual height and the usable height of the ladder are not the same.

  • Ladder Material:

There are handful of materials, available for the ladders. Along with the style and weight, you have to select the right material for your roof ladder. Aluminum is the most popular ladder material. It is light-weight and long lasting. Steel is also highly durable material but it needs to be rust proof. It is costlier and you can find the use of steel in the commercial ladder. Wood ladder is small and has short life-span but it is extremely useful for electric line repairing on the roof.

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