Different Kinds and Uses of Each of the Types of Commercial Curtains

Curtains or drapes (as called in some of the countries) are piece of long cloth which is placed at the opening of windows or doors or any gateway opening. Curtains are not only made for home décor but also in many other places like offices, hospitals, washrooms, dressing rooms. Curtains used in these places are called commercial curtains. When exactly do you use the commercial curtains? You can use them for both commercial and industrial purposes. They are widely used in schools, colleges, in hospitals, pharmacies and also in chemical, heavy industrial and in pharmaceutical sectors.

Different Kinds of Commercial Curtains Available:

  1. Plastic commercial curtains –

    These are generally called as PVC strip curtains. These are used restaurants in the cooking areas, in the industrial storehouses, shipping plants, groceries storage rooms, and food processing plants. These are plastic in texture. Most high quality commercial curtains are also termite-proof and fire-retardant. Some can also be disposable. important features of this type of curtain is as follows-

  1. Easily manageable and simple installation
  2. Effective, safe and versatile
  3. suitable for motorized traffics and pedestrians
  1. Outdoor commercial curtains –

    These are placed outside the houses basically in patio, pergola, gazebo and pavilion. They can be washed and cleaned easily with soap and water or else, you can also hire commercial curtain polishers and cleaners to get an idea about how to keep the curtains dirt and dust-free all the year round. some of the benefits of using these curtains are as follows-

  1. Keep comfort level at its peak by keeping away rain, snow and wind problems.
  2. Vision panels are also available along with it to add line of sight.
  3. They are generally made up of PVC vinyl which are made to handle excess weather calamities.
  4. They are easily uninstalled and stored for further use in the future.
  5. Does not blend like the metal walls.
  1. Custom commercial curtains –

    These are curtains which are generally used in commercial building or places like in offices, or other meeting halls. They are sound proof curtains and therefore provide best acoustics. Thus, it makes a room sound proof, partially. Some of the benefits it provides are-

  2. Building costs are reduced
  3. Reduces pressure on the existing heating systems
  4. Reduces or prevents pollution and carbon dioxide emissions
  5. Increases visibility.
  6. Increases comfort level for the customers.

Commercial Curtains

  1. Heavy duty commercial curtains –

    These curtain look alike shutters and are used in industries, in warehouses and in docks. Features of these curtains are as follows-

  1. Prevents industrial dusts to mix with the outdoor environment and causing air pollution at some extent.
  2. These are effective for bug controls
  3. These leads to excess of passing of heat through it.
  1. Large commercial curtains –

    These curtains are used in grand room in a traditional house with high ceilings. It covers up the whole portion of the window and some parts above and below it. These are long curtains which touch the ground itself. These are available in different colors and sizes. benefits of using large curtains ate as follows-

  1. Keeps the room temperature under control
  2. Having better night sleep
  3. Protecting privacy of an individual
  4. They are durable and easily be washed or cleaned
  5. available in so many choices that can match interiors and décor in a particular house

Thus, these curtains are used in commercial purposes. These have protected and guarded and fulfilled their purposes. Curtains have been used from a longer time in the past and till date. You can now buy or even customize the designs and styles of different commercial curtains. Choose from blacks, grays, blues and even neutral colors to make a difference in your official or commercial space.

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