John Clemenza Highlights On the Solutions to Avoid Classroom Infection

While a home is a place where we live, classrooms are the place where our kids spend most of their time. Think of it this way. Isn’t it synonymous with going to the office where you meet countless people at a closed quarter? Well, your kid is doing that and many other things than that. Not just the people and the place, but also the playground during recess and the school transport bus while traveling. So, these acts as potential gateways for the entry of germs. As per John Clemenza , New York that children spend 8-10 hours in school and they are a vulnerable group when it comes to infections and germs. Thus, it’s essential that they imbibe certain ways and habits to deal with the potential health hazard that comes with interaction in public place. It’s a way to teach them healthy habits and prepare themselves for a healthy life. So, here are the ways to keep germs at bay in the classroom. The prominent New Yorkers shows some ways as under:

Cleaning and washing of hands after every activity

Unlike the adults, kids are always buzzing with activities. Their life is full of running around, moving from one desk to another, one class to another. So in this cycle of activities, they often encounter germs at various places. That makes it necessary to wash hands regularly. Mere washing hands before and after the lunch break aren’t enough. They need to imbibe the habit of proper washing all through the day, at least 3-4 times, particularly after art & craft, playtime, debates, drama club, seminars, and other such activities.

Instill a habit of using a disinfectant on the common surfaces

In the classroom, children spend most of their times on benches, desks, blackboards, computers etc. These things are often used for many people making it a common surface. So, they are full of germs and hence needs to be cleaned properly before you come in contact with them. Make your child aware of this and instruct them to clean these surfaces with a disinfectant before they use them. That way they are safe from major germs and infections.

Instruct them to stay away from community stationeries.

Most schools have a community stationery supply, where you get things like sharpeners, scales, geometry box etc. These things are used by many people and more often than not they remain unused and uncleanness for many days, making it a favorable place for the growth of germs. Using such stationeries may cause harm in the long run. So, make sure your child has the necessary things with him all along from home and discourage use of community stationery supply. John Clemenza , New York also recommends boys to stay away from free sex with their girlfriends and according to him, this should be especially monitored by schoolteachers and authorizes. He strongly believes that schools can this of special drive on disincentive immunization program for their students.

Encourage the use of functional tissue papers.

Just like the disinfectants, this is also very essential. Kids need to learn the use of tissue paper from an early age. Not just in the washroom but for other purposes as well. It’s better to administer the use of tissues in case of sneezing and coughing.

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