Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Home renovation can be both minor and major. Minor renovation is modifying a single room like your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom whereas major renovation includes remodeling your entire house. Re-structuring your house, like making your kitchen bigger, also is a major renovation. Renovations of this sort require lot of pre-planning because any mistake/ error would result in redoing it from the beginning.

Minor changes too, like change of wallpaper, change of upholstery etc. require drafting and working on your idea well ahead! So, it goes without saying, major changes in the outlook of your house should be well designed in advance.

Here are some common home renovation mistakes which you should avoid:

  • Cheap Materials: Never opt for low quality materials during the process of renovation. Renovation is almost an investment on your house. Choose quality goods over cheap and shoddy materials.
  • Right Time: It’s never a “Do it or die” situation when it comes to home renovation. If you can’t afford it, wait for the right time. If it absolutely necessary for you to renovate, take a loan and protect it with PPI. You can never be too safe, contact a PPI claims firm for details or during a case of emergency.
  • Doors and Windows: People tend to save money by buying relatively inexpensive doors and windows. Try avoiding purchase of such doors and windows because these emphasis on the total outlook both internally and externally.
  • Safety: Always ensure your house is secure. Install smoke alarms, security systems etc.. Do not forget to install lockers, investing in good locking systems etc. It is very important for you to protect your beautified house.
  • Painting: Although a very common house renovation, mistakes during painting will cost you and affect the overall appearance of your house. Always protect your furniture, upholstery, door knobs etc. before painting. Some paint stains may be very difficult to remove!
  • Permits: It very important to start any renovation works after procuring permits from a building officer or a concerned authority. If you ignore this step, you might end up paying huge amounts of fee, fine or penalty.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting and ventilation is very important for any house. Dark bedrooms need bright lighting and well-ventilated living rooms need a calming lighting arrangement. Proper light equipment should be used, after painting the room. This is because paints and colors influence a lot on the overall lighting.

Home renovation needs a lot of patience and pre-planning. Never skip any of the above important steps. Add some creativity and the right color and your house will transform into a brand new one!

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