5 Unbelievable Stories of Storm Property Damage

Local news always seems to put human interest stories at the end of each broadcast. Some stories are funny, some are heartwarming, but all are meant to relieve the stress we feel after hearing the sometimes depressing news of the day. Every once in a while, news broadcasters will tell survival stories from natural disasters that leave even seasoned storm damage contractors shaking their heads. Here are some of the best.

  1. ‘Cornhail’ in Texas

On November 115, 2015, an F3 tornado hit the near the town of Pampa, Texas, clearing out cornfields along the way. Many stalks of corn became encased in ice once they reached a certain altitude, creating what one weathercaster called ‘cornhail.’ These projectiles began pelting the town, flying through roofs and windows. One famous picture showed one of the frozen corn husks protruding from the grill of a semi-truck.

  1. House Flipping

One homeowner in Michigan found himself in a pickle when he discovered that his house had flipped on its side after a tornado. The year was 1976, and the house was completely undamaged except for the fact that it was laying on its side. The homeowner had to use a ladder to get in the door.

  1. Take the Roof, But Leave My Cat’s Food Alone

This story from the aftermath of a 2008 tornado in Hugo, Minnesota demonstrates the selective nature of these storms. Homeowner Jason Akins returned to his house after the storm to survey the damage. While the tornado did completely remove his roof, the food in his cat’s dish remained undisturbed. The storm also unwound a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, trailed it through the house, and rewound it on the kitchen counter.

  1. Inspiration for the Wizard of Oz?

A super-tornado ripped through the town of Great Bend, Kansas in 1915, leaving a number of unexplained oddities in its wake. One family sat calmly through the storm, unaware that their home had become totally unroofed until they went outside the next day; there was no other damage. In town, the general store of Grant Jones lost its southern wall, which was found in splinters not far from the scene. However, the shelves and canned goods that had lined the wall were still standing in place, completely untouched.

  1. Great Advertisement for Rain Gear

The Hunstville Times of Alabama reported a number of strange tales from a deadly tornado that ripped through the area in 1989. One of the strangest was told by Jeanette Johnson. Unable to get into her house before the storm hit, she braced herself against the front door, which was all that remained of her home in the aftermath. The door was still standing, undamaged but for an outline of broken glass and other debris in the shape of Ms. Johnson. She claimed the her London Fog all-weather jacket saved her life, prompting the company to send her a new one as a reward for her good fortune.

The biggest danger to your home from violent storms isn’t necessarily the wind, but the inanimate objects that can turn deadly when driven by high winds. However, not all storm damage is as drastic as the stories you see on the news. If your home or business has been hit by severe weather, your local contractor will work with you to get your property habitable again.

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