College and High School Degrees- How Patrick Lanning Oregon Wants A Change In It?

The entire course of education, achieving degrees and using them in the professional sphere has changed over the years. Even though the business houses and industry leaders prioritize the knowledge and skills of the candidates in real time over their college pedigree, the hiring practice gives an entirely different scenario. So while these institutions have got the academic officers like Patrick Lanning Oregon there needs to be a solution to this problem as well. Not just the frustration of the business leaders need to be regulated, the college graduates must be given some assurance, and hence rethinking the value of the college certificates is required immediately.

Covering Up the Gap- Patrick Lanning Oregon Considers Thinking Deep About It

Going through a panel of poll one can see that most of the industry leaders are unsatisfied with the applicants. However, the colleges claim that they have prepared the students to be completely confident to be successful in their respective workplaces. On the contrary, only 11 percent business leaders have agreed to this particular fact.

Considering the entire American youth that passes out colleges every single year, it has been reported that there is a huge gap in the realization of the importance of college education and how the colleges and reputed universities have designed their programs to serve the students. There is a clear stated difference in the importance that is being imparted to the entire academic system. Almost 90 percent of the American population believe their college education is necessary to qualify the Americans with post-secondary education.

So why is there a sense of disconnection between the entire academic system and the expected outcomes? The reason being simple, the colleges and academic institutions are not transparent regarding their motif in handling the students. Also, the public sector has not defined what they want from the colleges and universities and how they want the candidates to be prepared for the professional life.

Making the higher education inclusive and preparing the candidates for a specific kind of job will increase the value of this higher education, and being an academic officer, Patrick Lanning Oregon believes that it is through private gains, that the students can contribute in doing some public good as well. This is something that the higher education cannot do on their own, and also public awareness solely can’t help it progress. Instead, it is the mutual collaboration that can help achieve that it has been looking forward to.

In the world of academia, the primary concern is to teach people what to think, how to think and when to think. On the contrary, the business world has an entirely different set of objectives, which mainly focused on the necessary skill set that is required to meet specific positions. Articulating the needs of the business houses and properly coordinated implementations can help the colleges and universities to grow strongly and impart the right set of education to the candidates.

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