Tips To Shop Your Favorite Jeans Brand In India

How many times have you shopped online?

These days, people often choose to shop online than going to the traditional stores.

But, why is it so?

It is because they can get amazing styles at great prices.  However, if there’s one clothing item that is more difficult to buy would be the jeans. Finding that perfect pair of jeans is undoubtedly a pretty tough job, especially when you have to find one online.

Most people try to guess their fit based on a few pictures of a model which honestly is a near impossible task. What you need to do in such situations are a bit of planning and smart shopping. Listed below are a few tips and tricks that would help you in finding the perfect pair of jeans online.

Measure your Waist and Hip Size in Inches

For every person, be it a girl or a boy, it is very important to know their measurements. It would honestly just take about two minutes, and you would find that those numbers would turn out to be rather beneficial in the long run. In case you do not own a measuring tape, you could simply use a string and then measure it with a ruler. What you would need to measure are your hips and waist.

Hips – Hips are the widest part of your torso and would usually fall lower than what you might think. It would typically be in line with your zipper’s base.

Waist – The waist is actually the narrowest or the smallest part of your torso, and you would need to measure it somewhere between your chest and your belly button.

Measure a Pair of Jeans You Have Already

After you have measured your hips and waist and are still feeling confused, you could try measuring a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly. For getting the hip size, measure along the zipper’s base and then double it. For the waist, measure the jeans back side and then double that number.

Utilize the Size Chart

Size charts can prove to be beneficial, especially as they can change often depending on the brand. You would see that the size of your waist would line up with the size of the denim. For instance, if your waist measures 28 inches, this means that a size 28 jeans would fit you perfectly. However, it is essential that you look at the hip size in the chart. This would ensure that you can get your hands on the perfect pair of denim. Also, if you click in the description area, some websites would tell you as to what size the model is wearing as well as her height. This can, at times, also turn out to be helpful.

Identify your Style

Settling on one style of denim is tough. It is a game of trial and error. To find the perfect pair of jeans, you would first have to recognize your body shape and then choose denim that would work best with it. You could opt for skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, high-waisted jeans, Flare Jeans or whatever you feel suits your style the most. You could also choose to experiment and try something that you have never tried before.

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