Brian Carr Naples celebrates the jubilance of Notre Dame

Football is not just a game for the passionate supporters of the Irish colligate football team, Notre Dame. It’s their pride, a part of their tradition and a form of celebration. Not just the players, but each and every student celebrates this spectacular game with equal zeal.

Brain Carr takes pride in the game day celebrations

Located in the beautiful state of Indiana, Notre Dames University was founded in the year of 1842.  It was only in the year 1887 that the roots of football were stemmed into this university and it has been growing ever since. Over the last few decades, Notre Dame has managed to make a substantial mark in the world of collegiate football and claims to have a widespread fan base.

The Game Day celebration at Notre Dames was inaugurated in the year of 2009 due to the immense popularity of the team. The students, the staff, as well as the alumni take part in this grand event. Many visitors and football enthusiasts come from far to be a part of this occasion.

According to Brian Carr Naples , alumni of the Notre Dame University, the Game Day is not just a college footballing event; it’s a celebration of its unique tradition. Attended by more than ten thousand people every year, the game day weekend is an experience of a lifetime.

The Game Day starts off with a marching out session, with almost four hundred band members. This is conducted by the band members of the Fighting Irish, the Notre Dame Football team. Many of the members could be seen wearing costumes.  After concluding the march, the band members perform a short fifteen minute concert. Traditional songs of Notre Dame, such as “Damsha Bua” could be heard during the performance. The band then proceeds to the pre-game performance which takes place approximately 30 minutes before the game. The band entertains the audience with lively interpretations of popular songs. As the Irish team enters the field, the band ends their performance with a traditional victory march.

After the completion of each game, the football players of the Notre Dame team raise their helmets as a salute to the student section of the University. Then the Alma Mater of the University is sung by both the players and the students alike, who sway to the soulful tune.

The experience of witnessing the Game Day is surely one of a kind.  One activity or the other is always taking place in the campus during this time which keeps everyone engaged. One of the biggest highlight of this weekend is the pep rally. Held on the night before the game, this rally comprises of the performance by the college band as well as the cheerleaders. In this event, there are insightful speeches delivered by various guest speakers, as well as a special speech is given by the team coach.

Brian P Carr emphasizes that beyond the sporting events, the Notre Dame University is worth a visit for its picturesque sights. The traditional trumpets under the Golden Dome building of the university assures of an unforgettable experience. As the students cheer and sing along the tune, the echo of the songs can be heard from the corridors of the historical building.

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