Calvary Houston – 3 Benefits of Forgiving Other People for Their Sins

When you encounter a painful experience in life, you feel it is because someone is deliberately trying to emotionally or physically hurt you for no apparent reason. Due to this, you seek vengeance on such an individual for his/her wrongdoings. For instance, when you someone you love dearly dies or suffers from a permanent disability from a car crash, you tend to believe reckless actions of person driving the vehicle is responsible for the occurrence. The grief of the incident may cloud your judgement. In your quest to seek revenge, you may fail to realize that the event is just an accident. Again, when you hear that someone close to you suffers from cancer, you may unconsciously invoke the same unpleasant feelings. You may even forget the disease is nothing but a cellular malfunction of human body. Such negative feelings are against the basic Christian virtue of forgiveness.

Calvary Houston – 3 Important benefits of forgiveness

The preachers of Calvary Houston , a prominent church in California say people need to understand the impact forgiving other individuals for their wrongdoings can have on their lives. They suffer from verbal abuse, a physical attach or financial setback, their emotional pain reaches new scales. In such a situation, they have two options open to them. They can either distance themselves from the person responsible for the incident or seek revenge. In other case, such feelings can increase their bitterness and resentment. This can lead to depression. They seem to forget the sufferings and abandonment Jesus felt when he was nailed to the cross. These worshippers point out the following 3 important benefits of forgiving other people for their sins according to Christian religion:

  1. Releases the emotional burden you seem to carry

They explain that when you take the initiative to forgive other people for their wrongdoings, it does not necessary eradicate the pain you are suffering from. However, it goes a long way in releasing the negative emotions of anger, hate and resentment you hold within your heart. In the long-run, such feeling can cause you physical stress.

  1. Helps you to move forward

When you refuse to forgive another person, you remain struck in the past. The resentment you keep within your heart prevents from moving forward and leading a happy life. A time may come when you realize the years have gone by but you could not do anything constructive.  In such a situation, you need to decide what is best for you.

  1. Results in healing

When you take the initiative to forgive someone for his/her sins, you are indirectly healing yourself, even if there is no rational explanation to do so. This can act as a catalyst in improving your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Senior Pastor Ron Hindt , the author of ‘Seed Thoughts: A Daily Devotional’ says people tend to forget that forgiving other individuals for their sin can do more good to them than the wrongdoer. The above 3 benefits prove this point without any reasonable doubt. It can also give them a picture of earthy grace.

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