Getting in Touch with Spirituality at the Westside Family Church

Spirituality is an extensive concept, which can be seen from many perspectives. The idea of spirituality can mean different things for different people.  Defined in a simplistic manner, spirituality is the state of feeling a deep connection to something greater than ourselves.  In the religious context, spirituality may mean a process of restoration within a person’s soul which helps him to transcend the materialistic world and feel a sense of interconnectedness with the divine.  In the Church everyone gets an opportunity to be surrounded by the essence of God which helps them to create a personal relationship with the higher power.

Westside Family Church: A step towards spirituality 

God wants all to grow spiritually, which can be attained by reforming oneself in accordance to the mold of Christ.  But how to take a step towards this growth is a question everyone asks themselves. At the Westside Family Church you are encouraged to follow your faith and helped to slowly take strides towards spiritual growth. Few of the ways that the Church can help in spiritual growth are:

  • Understanding the Bible: Anyone can read the Bible, but reading is not the end of it. Truly understanding and reflecting on the words of God is the true purpose of the Bible. The Church helps you do just that. Bible is not just made up of words; it is made up from the knowledge and love from the divine. Through this holy book the God reveals himself to the mankind. With the help of the Church one can truly delve into the meaning of those verses and thus reach a bit closer to God and his teachings.
  • Communicating to God through Prayers: Prayers are instrumental in relating our words and adoration to God.  Just as people have conversation with their family and friends to get their words across, similarly with God they communicate through prayers to convey their emotions and believe. It is a way to spend more time with God and form a deeper relationship with him.  Each prayer purifiers our heart a bit by bit to become more like his. The more time we spend with the divine, the closer we get to him. The Church suggests that prayers help people in overcoming temptation which is paramount in attaining spirituality.
  • Engaging in acts of obedience: Acts of obedience simply means following the words of God in our day to day life. The Church inspires all to obey God in all the simple matters pertaining to daily tasks.  Each good deed rejuvenates our heart and soul and brings us closer to God, and thus also towards spirituality.
  • Companionship: People are a social being. They desire friendship and companionship. In the Church one gets to meet many likeminded people who are also in search for spirituality, with whom they can exchange the preaching of the divine. It is ultimately our relationship with God that shapes us and our relationship with others and thus building friendships takes us a long way towards finding spirituality.

In the Westside Family Church one gets comfort in the words of God and is encouraged to inculcate those teachings within themselves so that they can move closer to the divine find spirituality.

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