Kimberley Dey and her Love For Horses- A Story Not Read Often

You may have heard many a love story, of humans and humans, humans and objects and also humans and animals. It is really easy for people to love another human being who is able to reciprocate the same kind of love in return or what you bestow on them; but loving and animal is a far more selfless. Kimberley Dey an ace woman entrepreneur exhibits such amorous feelings for her horses.

Kimberley’s love for her horses is not just limited to her spending time with them and taking care and grooming them all by herself. She takes her love for them a notch higher by making arrangements for them to be entertained through the various tournaments that they participate in. Her inclination to do charity and give back to the society does not keep her away from her horses either. Here too, she organizes scholarship programs and fund raiser horse riding competitions to donate large sums of money for the upliftment and welfare of underprivileged children.

Her father’s company Charles B Wang International Foundation, where she is the Vice President, ties up with other /foundations huge amount of money and donate it for the destitute and poor children all around Hawaii. Some of the institutions are Boys and Girls Club Hawaii, Special Olympics Hawaii, ASSETS school, Kapiolani Medical Center and the Le Jardin Academy. This foundation is also responsible for cross cultural affairs and very religiously donates millions of dollars to these organizations in Hawaii.

Despite being busy as the CEO and founder of the company named Number Eight or N8, she makes sure to take out time and utilize it in her passion for horses. It is not just her business skills that are a talk of the town, but her skills as a horse rider too have been doing the rounds and have helped her bag the award of the World Champion Hunter Rider Completion for two consecutive years.  Kimberly Dey further helps college students to harness their passion for horses by providing them with scholarship programs in association with the American Quarter Horse Association.

Earning fame as a horse rider is not enough for those who are truly in love with these peace loving, friendly and social animals. You have to know everything, beginning from what to wear during horse riding, to how to handle the horse, to the styles or disciplines of horse riding, to what are the things that the horses are fond of and not fond of.

Just like you would use care, concern, gentleness and understanding while dealing with people you love, similarly, you have to show these attributes to your horse as well. If you want your horse to learn something, irrational or harsh behavior will not come handy. Instead you have to exercise a lot of patience and love while training your horse because they learn through practice. Kimberley is a role model to both the corporate world as well as the entertainment world of sports for the kind of hard work and dedication she showcases whether working in the business or with the most favorite things – her horses. Her love for her horses is indeed an extraordinary love story!

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