Little Changes that Leave A Big Impact on the House- Pallavi Chhelavda’s Take On It

The history of Vaastu Shastra is century old, and even though it has scientific connections, people at times forget its association with science and involves superstitious beliefs around it. As a result of it, there are plenty of dis-beliefs that hover around the subject and allows people to be misled. Pallavi Chhelavda who has not only been practicing Vaastu Shastra but holds enormous knowledge of the subject says, that such dis-beliefs need to be done away with to ensure the right application for a better result.

Vaastu literally means ‘home’ and while applying these scientific methods, it only ensures the rightful association of the five basic natural elements- earth, water, fire, air and the sky in complete harmony with one another. People hardly know why such an ancient method was developed, and the lack of knowledge actually allow mankind to get diverted in its rightful application. Pallavi Chhelavda rightly points out that Vaastu Shastra was predominantly implemented to makes the lives better and hence all the guidelines that are being provided have got scientific reasons behind it as well. So, she believes that there are few changes which might seem to be minute on their own, but leaves a deep impact in making the lives better.

So the focus of this article is ready to move in flats where much changes in the architecture cannot be made. Most of the architectures nowadays prefer following Vaastu Shastra before planning their layout, but what about those which cannot be reconstructed completely? These following changes can indeed make things go in a better direction, and maintain the equilibrium as well.

  • First, comes the entrance, which has indeed a major role to play. If right at the entrance you get to find an empty wall, covering it with Ganesha is what Pallavi Chhelavda believes makes things better. Nothing could be better than this while concealing the wall.
  • Boring of the buildings is what maintains the base and infrastructure. In quite a few cases, the boring is found to be done in the wrong direction. To get rid of this mistake having a Pancha Mukhi Hanuman, facing the South-West of the boring can redeem the mistake made.
  • Spiritual growth is quintessential to make your life complete. The North-East direction is always considered to be the best place for meditation. So if you want to bring in some inner peace, make sure you don’t ignore the direction at all.
  • A family grows healthy when it stays united forever. Unity might not be portrayed just through a picture, but Vaastu Shastra claims that if a portrait of your family is hung in the South West direction in a golden frame, the relations between the members stay healthy.
  • Economic stability is a great factor, and definitely working hard is the only way out. But at times, even the efforts put goes ignored. A portrait of red galloping horses will actually provide the steady flow of money and bring in harmony.

These changes might be simple, but they do have a positive consequence when practiced. Try them out, and check whether your life gets only better and better.

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