Rick Casper Imparts His Knowledge of the Precious Diamonds

While diamonds attract a lot of the women folk, they are always very apprehensive about purchasing them because of the fake things that are available in the market. This is the reason they take refuge in experts and gemologists like Rick Casper Diamond. He dedicates a large part of his day studying gems especially diamonds, in order to hone his skills of determining their value, genuineness and quality.

His desire to become an expert in the field of identifying the best type of diamonds and becoming a reputed diamond supplier is rather strong and that is what motivates him to impart his knowledge about the trade to other s as well. At present Rick Casper Diamond has a student studying in the Gemological Institute of America, and this student of his has expressed the wish to become like his ‘guru’ in the world of diamonds. Mr. Casper feels the urge to educate others on how to qualify as a diamond broker as also what they should look for when they contemplate on purchasing a diamond.

He feels grading diamonds is one of the most difficult tasks in the job of a diamond expert, especially in the case of colored diamonds. The normal white diamond has a scaling of D to Z but all those diamonds outside this normal hue requires a lot of finesse in its scrutiny and grading. The rarity of a diamond is its determiner of value; it is quite a task to find a completely colorless diamond as well as some of the other hued diamonds.

Those diamonds that have a pure color are of much value, with the red diamond being the rarest and most valuable. The saturation level of a diamond is another determinant of its value. The depth and range of color are some of the other factors that help in grading a diamond. However, one down side of grading is that it is a subjective thing. While one laboratory would rate one color quality of diamond to be a “G”, it is not necessary that another lab will say the same; it could call it an “H” grade diamond.

It is thus that while purchasing a diamond checking for its certification is mandatory, and selects the seller very carefully. In fact, you need to be more concerned about the lab from which it is being tested rather than the company selling it, and ensure its dependability. The GIA or the Gemological Institute of America is the most renowned and reputed diamond grading entity that can be blindly depended upon.

This diamond broking entity is absolutely constant in their grading system and ensures the complete satisfaction of their customers. It is because they do not have any stakes in finances related to the sales and evaluation of diamonds and other gemstones, that they are able to give the most genuine results about the quality of a diamond.

There are so many factors like color level, girdle thickness, cut level, quality of clarity, and the style of slicing and shape of the stone, the depth percentage, and numerous others that need to be considered while qualifying a diamond. So, while selecting the diamond broker for yourself make sure that the lab where the diamond is tested verifies these criteria before selling to you the diamond.

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