Sandy Petrocelli – Meet The Lively Mascot Of Wisconsin Badgers: Bucky Badger!

When it comes to American football and basketball, the team mascots are as popular as the players. They are popular among the old and the young alike. When it comes to Wisconsin Badgers, its mascot Bucky Badger is well loved by the crowd. His origins dates back to University Wisconsin publications way back in 1930.  He was a cartoon figure as tall as a human.  He wore a sweater with a “W” and he was walking with a fierce facial expression. Bucky Badger was created by Art Evans in 1940 and the figure was sold at Brown’s Book Store that was located in Madison.

Sandy Petrocelli – An insight into Bucky Badger

Sandy Petrocelli is a student and he is fond of sports and Wisconsin teams. He says he likes all the teams from Wisconsin along with its popular mascots. The boxing gloves that Bucky wears was created by artist Thomas Spiece who also was from Madison.  In the first few games, there was a real badger that made initial appearances. He was from Eau Claire however he was too fierce to control and so had to be retired. He was sent to the Henry Vilas Zoo. Later, a Rangoon called Regdab replaced him.

Head piece made for Bucky Badger

However, it was in 1948 that an art student from UW-Madison called Connie Conrad was requested to make a mache head-gear for Bucky. Bill Sagal who was a gymnast cum cheerleader from Madison wore this mache head piece. Later, there was a contest that was held for naming the mascot and the name that won this contest was Buckingham U. Badger. Since then, Bucky has been a constant fixture at matches however he did receive a threat from Howard Koop who was the assistant attorney general that Bucky should be replaced by the adorable cow called Henrietta Holstein. Sandy Petrocelli says that in the year 2006, Bucky was inducted into the Hall of Fame under the College Division. The other popular mascots that have joined him here are Aubie, YoUDee and Sparty who are from Auburn, Delaware and Michigan State University respectively.

Friendly Bucky Badger

Bucky is generally seen at events and matches talking with the crowd. He is fond of the student section. He also directs the sections of N. Q and P to sing and dance to music and he sometimes pretends to create fights with other students. He also loves to playfully fight with other team mascots as well during sporting events and games.

He picks up friendly fights with Goldy Gopher of University of Minnesota and Purdue Pete of Purdue University. However, this used to take place in the past says Sandy Petrocelli. The NCAA no longer permits these friendly mascot fights and so Bucky now just talks with the mascots with skits and he is known for the pushups he does to match scores after every field goal, touchdown or safety. He is known for doing 573 push- ups back to back in 2010 at an Indiana game.

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