Soka Gakkai International Japan -Uniting the World with Nichiren Buddhism

Nichiren Buddhism believes that the Buddha resides in every man and woman. This is why it is popular today among Buddhist practitioners in the world. This branch of Buddhism is one of the most widely sought-after subjects of peace, compassion and love. Nichiren Buddhism is considered to be the ultimate if you are looking for inner peace and harmony.

Soka Gakkai International Japan-Unity in Diversity

Soka Gakkai International Japan believes in bringing people from across the world together. The men and women here are practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism and regularly meet one another when it comes to practicing the religion and sharing views, opinions and experience. The members here chant and sing together like a family.

The Community believes that the Buddha lies in everyone and this is why it is one of the largest Nichiren Buddhist and Lotus Sutra support networks in the world. This community ensures that you get teachings that helps you invoke the dormant wisdom and courage that lies within you. There are over 12 million people who practice this branch of Buddhism in approximately 192 locations across the globe. This means if you really wish to invite peace and love into your life embrace the tenets of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism so that you can make a positive difference not only to yourself but across the world as well.

There are events and programs that are held across the globe. People from all backgrounds and ages come together to practice the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra. The members experience a deep sense of inner peace and joy with regular meditation and Buddhist chants. Mantras are recited together and in their discussion groups that are held across the world people share their experiences and spread the message of peace and non-violence.

Say no to nuclear weapons

The members of this community do not believe in nuclear war and so that promote the cause of weapon disarmament. They state that war is not the problem solver. People need to step up to listen to one another and settle their differences with dialogue. Peace and compassion is the need of the day so that the world is alleviated from hate, anger and jealously. There is no need for wars as man was born out of love and his inner wisdom is enough to take him out of any challenge. War and fights are not the solution for a happy and blissful life. Inner realization is the secret to fighting the demons inside and promote inner and outer peace.

Soka Gakkai International Spain and other centers also promote this message of Nichiren Buddhism to members so that they promote global peace in their own nations and put an end to war. Daily meditation and group meetings bring in a lot of clarity in mind and this gives rise to positive action. With the passage of time you will experience joy and bliss and the world inside and outside of your life transforms for the better always!

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