Tom Colton explains the 4 primary American Football Rules

Tom Colton is a superb fan of college and American football. This article will speak of the basic fundamental rules regarding football narrated in the words of Tom who has an Irish heritage and is a huge supporter of the Fighting Irish.

Know the basic highlights

To start with, Tom Colton mentions that the sport comprising of two teams, in football each team constitutes a total of 11 players. The sport is played on a rectangular field measuring 120 yard with each ends having a goal line. The ball is oval shaped and is made with rubber or cowhide. The objective of the sport like any other sport is to outrun the other team by scoring higher. For that, the offense of both teams is needed to advance with the football towards the goal post across the field in order to score as much they can. The mediums of scoring are touchdown, 2 point conversion, safety or a field goal and an extra-point conversion. If the offense fails to advance a minimum of 10 yards in back-to-back 4 plays then the football automatically is turned over to the opposing team. On the other hand, if the offense succeeds, they get a new set of four down. The duration of a match is 60 minutes.

The Field

The field on which the game is played is 100 yards long. The stripes on the field run at a width of 5 yards interval. In this 160 feet wide football field you have a goal line; it is that spot where the end zone confluences with the playing field. The end zone is the goal line and the numbering begins at an interval of 10 yards reaching up to the line that counts 50 yards which is the exact demarcation of the center of the field. Similarly from the 50 yard line to the opposite goal side there is a fall in the markers by 10 yards.

The Football Teams

More than eleven players in any team will cause a penalty. However, the entry of substitute players is unlimited but it can happen only when the game is at pause or the ball is dead. Each team comprises of a special sub-team of offense and defense. When a team has the ball in their possession Tom Colton says that it uses the offense players to run towards the opponent’s end zone to attempt for a goal and vice-versa. The defense team then tries to prevent the offense from reaching their end zone.

The commencement

When keep for the first time kicks of the ball to the other team, the game begins. But, before that the toss takes place between the two teams where both the captains and referees meet at the center of the field. The team that wins the toss can first kick starts the game. In other terms the toss winner gets to decide whether they want to play in defense or offense.

How the scoring works

Touchdown is the biggest score for the offense. Once you score a touchdown, you get the bonus to try for additional one or two points known as extra-point conversions.

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