Wayne Imber – Supporting the American Red Cross Forever

While most people agree that the world has become a hard hearted place to live in, yet the fact is that it is probably because of a handful good souls present here, that the world is still not being vanquished by God. On the one hand, there is a group of people whose life’s aim is to hurt others, kill them and make their life miserable; and on the other hand, there are organizations like the American Red Cross, supported by generous people like Wayne Imber , that represents the true meaning of existence and carry out real humanism by bringing relief and helping the needy and the afflicted.

The American Red Cross is also known by the name of the American National Red Cross which provides assistance during times of emergencies, aids in disaster relief and education in America. This organization found its grounding in America in the year 1881 by Clara Barton, in Washington D.C. with just 15 individuals present at its first meeting. Clara brought the seeds of this organization in her heart from Geneva, Switzerland and on founding this society in America became its first president.

The first major work of this American Red Cross or ARC was to help in the relief work after the great fire of 1881 that broke out in the Thumb region in Michigan, causing over 5000 people to become homeless. The next venture of the ARC of which Wayne Imber is an ardent follower and supporter, was after the Johnstown Flood in which more than 2200 people lost their lives.

At present the ARC is one of the most renowned philanthropic organizations and it has spread its wings throughout the nation. There are currently over 650 chapters and 36 blood services with this organization, wherein almost 500,000 volunteers are constantly at work who have dedicated themselves to the service of neighbors and consequently to the service of God.

There are a number of services that the ARC is now associated with, to name a few:

  1. Blood donation – this is one of the most popularly known activities of this non-profit organization. The blood that is collected is sent to hospitals, regional suppliers, community based blood centers, in different ratios.
  2. Tissue services – it is now more than 50 years that the ARC has been associated with the work of collecting as well as donating allograft tissues to the needy, and successfully saved many lives and enhanced the lifestyle of many.
  3. Plasma services – about one quarter of America’s plasma products are provided by the American Red Cross that are absolutely reliable, low cost and definitely very safe.

Nucleic Acid Testing, Leukoreduction, cellular therapies, are a few other areas of work for the ARC wit health and safety services and disaster services as the most basic forms of service that they offer. The intentions of the organization and all who conform to work within its realm is absolutely clear – they consider human life too precious and something that needs the most care and looking after. It is perhaps thus that the volunteers here selflessly work towards the building of health and consequently a better society and a better nation at large.

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