Why Change is Irresistible for a Better Philanthropy?

The world has seen plenty of non-profit organizations who have been working day in and day out to make this world a better place to live in every single day. But in spite of them putting the best efforts into it, and they being not less in number as well, why do the social problems keep being such persistent? After much research, it has been seen that there has been a stubborn gap in between the intentions and outcomes. And hence, it demands more and more attention from the philanthropic community so that it can be worked upon.

Mark Arabo , who has been involved with such a non-profit organization, believes that mostly these organizations and donors have believed in one complete notion- to make the organization life long, and find ever growing staff and budget. Perhaps, the entire system in which these organizations work needs to change, and these non-profit organizations need to work upon the ever growing problems and achieve the common goals at large.

In fact, if taken a closer look at how the entire philanthropic community works, it can be seen that at some quarters, there has been some change as well. To name one, the community that has been working for reducing the number of deaths due to malaria has indeed welcomed a change and such strategies have indeed worked for them to a great extent. Even though such disparate and individual success stories have been written on the record, there’s a long way to go, and the journey must begin before it gets too late.

Going by the record books, Mark Arabo strikes out that there have been multiple attempts and methods taken that tell how innovative approaches can be generated in front line health care and early childhood interventions. However, he believes that not enough time has been invested in doing what it takes to turn the innovative ideas into an everlasting one. The mismatching story is nothing new as they can be sited everywhere across the world.

So with fresh attempts from people across the world the system change campaigns have already begun, and a lot of credit goes to the entrepreneurs who have joined the non-profit organizations as corporate philanthropy is the new trend. Both the social and environmental challenges are utterly complex, and any kind of resource that is being looked for has got enough scarcity. Money in spite of being one of the most important of all resources is not the only aspect that lacks. In fact, to many non-profit organizations, cash flow is abundant and when compared to the rest of the resources needed to run a philanthropic activity, there’s no dearth of money at all.

Mankind now lacks some of the abstract nouns like hope, imagination and social cohesion. These are three of the essential resources that are needed to run the philanthropic activities. The old methods that have been used till date seem to be so spent, and hence the system change works like traction to these broken methods. Change is inevitable and it only gets proven with the ways non-profit organizations have worked it out.

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