How to Choose the Perfect Bed & Never Have Another Sleepless Night

The one thing you should never try and save money on is a decent bed. On average we spend eight hours a day in, or on top of our beds. Sometimes we spend those eight hours counting sheep, tossing, turning or praying for sleep. Sometimes we spend them in pain.

Often, instead of getting out of bed feeling strong and refreshed, we get out of bed exhausted. This can lead to health issues and cause depression and anxiety. It can also lead to terrible back pain, as well as making current back pain worse.

This can all change with a good bed.

Why is a Good Bed Important?

A good bed will help you have a good night’s sleep. You need support and comfort while you sleep. You need to feel comfortable, and cozy, and know that any back or neck pain you have is going to be helped and not hindered.

What Should You Look For in a Bed?

Choosing the right bed is personal. Some people prefer a hard mattress to a soft mattress. Some may want their mattress to be bouncy, others like it firm. Whichever you prefer, make sure your mattress is good quality. A mattress must be comfortable, supportive and durable. It should feel luxurious too, even if it is not a luxurious brand. If you’re a side sleeper, you should look for the best mattress for side sleepers.

How Do You Know if the Bed is Right for You?

Test out any bed before buying one. Consider your height and your weight. If you are large, you will want a mattress that is extra firm. If you are tall, you want a mattress with extra length. If you have back problems or any issues getting up and down or in and out, you want a bed that is not too high.

What About Size?

The size of a bed is important. If you sleep with a partner, or regularly have children who jump into bed with you, you want a big bed. If you are on your own you may prefer a bed that is small and welcoming.

Mattresses should be turned over every few months to even out the wear and tear. Consider this when choosing a bed, especially if you are on your own. There are some beds that do not need turning, so always check this out when doing your research.

If you share a bed with your partner now but think you may want more space later, buy two mattresses that can zip up and be unzipped too.

What is an Orthopedic Bed?

An orthopedic bed is not actually a special medical bed; rather it is a bed that is firm, strong and supportive. If you have back problems (and almost half the population does,) you should consider looking at orthopedic beds. There are various kinds and makes, the most popular being the orthopedic beds that change shape to suit your body.

Durability and Cost

A good quality bed is one that you will not need to change for about ten years. Beds can be expensive, but remember, you are going to have it for a decade. It is the comfort, level of support and luxury that make a bed expensive. You want a bed that is going to give you the right support.

Buying the Right Bed

Take your time. Go to a few different stores and test them out. Don’t be shy. Lie down, nap if you can and then narrow your choice down to two or three. Nap a little more.

You do not want to make a mistake. If you have back problems, ask your physiotherapist or doctor for advice. A health care practitioner may recommend a medium firm bed with proper cushioning.

With a new bed comes a new bed cover and pillows. It is not just about the pretty covers but about the support. Make sure your pillow supports your neck so that it is in alignment with your spine.

Sweet dreams!

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