How to Handle Smoke Damage After a Fire in your House

If a fire has caused smoke damage throughout your home, try not to stress out and lose your cool. Instead, follow the tips below so that you can properly handle the situation and make all of the necessary repairs as quickly and as affordably as possible.

Have the Damage Assessed

The first thing you should do is get a public adjuster involved so that they can properly assess the damage that was caused by the smoke and the fire. In this way, you will know exactly what you are dealing with, and you will have a better idea of what your insurance will and will not be able to cover. Then you can move on to actually getting the damage repaired as soon as possible.

DIY Tips for Cleaning the Smoke Damage Yourself

If you want, you can repair the smoke damage yourself without having to hire a professional company. Just make sure that you always wear safety goggles, a facemask, and thick gloves to properly protect yourself throughout the process.

Clean all of the soot from the surface of your belongings and the walls of your property using a vacuum cleaner. Then take a sponge that has been soaked in a TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) solution of 1 tablespoon TSP in 1 gallon of water. Section by section, one segment and one wall at a time, start wiping the surfaces using firm, hard strokes.

Dip some rags into clean, warm water. Then rinse every area you just used the TSP solution on, from your walls to your ceiling. You may need to do this multiple times. Just don’t overdo it because the water might actually get into your baseboard and drywall, causing further damage. Instead, avoid saturating the walls with the solution or the water.

Make it a point to clean and disinfect your appliances, remove and replace all air conditioning filters, and apply fresh sealing to surfaces that have been affected by soot.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the walls of all of the soot from the smoke damage, you can then prime them and add some paint.

Keep Your Safety and Wellbeing in Mind

If you are going to be going the DIY route, you need to remember that your wellbeing and your safety should always come first. Therefore, prior to even entering your home, make sure that you have purchased the right gloves and respiratory protection. When exposed to soot residue, your respiratory system could suffer, and this could even lead to distress and emergencies.

It is also wise to open up all of the windows throughout the space as soon as you walk in, and set up several box fans in your windows so that you can begin pushing contaminated dust and air out of the property while creating more ventilation.

Whether you choose to hire professionals or do all of the cleaning yourself, there are ways to handle smoke damage after a fire without having to feel overwhelmed. Once your home has been cleaned, you will definitely feel a much-needed sense of relief.

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