Ideas to Keep Your Flat Clean and Tidy

Many of us city dwellers reside in flats and penthouses instead of homes with a garden. It’s convenient for a number of activities, events and getting to the office so we wouldn’t have it any other way. The only downside is that many flats weren’t made with too much space in mind, and in most cases it is impossible to extend this with further building work. Despite any potential limitations on space, it is still possible to enjoy clean and tidy apartment living. I have a few tips to help you to achieve this for yourself; here they are:

Use Sensible Storage

My first piece of advice is to make use of storage solutions to give everything a proper place. This can be anything from having a plastic box under your bed for spare sheets and towels, all the way to putting a custom made shoe rack next to the front door. Your home needs to work for you and your way of life, so if you have things you use more often than others, take care to make sure these are accessible. If you love to read, keep your favorites on a bookshelf and put the rest in storage; or just invest in an e-reader instead!

Vacuum Weekly

Your flat can start to look a bit grubby when you’ve got bits all over the floor. You won’t have time to keep it clean all week long, so try and do this once a week. You’ll feel satisfied when you hear all the bits getting sucked into the vacuum cleaner bags or cylinder! If you’re looking for a new appliance, think about one that can be easily stored in a small space, as well as being easy to move around your flat.

Get a Cleaner

Some of us don’t have any time at all for cleaning! Long hours at work would mean annoying neighbors with the vacuum cleaner at 11pm, so it might just be a better investment to get a cleaner instead. They’ll come weekly or as often as you require, and will do all of the jobs you need during the daylight hours. If you have a parent who lives locally, you might be able to persuade them to help you out instead.


If you don’t have a garage or attic for all of your junk, throw it out, sell it, or recycle it. The easiest place to start when it comes to de-cluttering are the letters and newspapers taking up room on your coffee table and shelves. After this you could think about your other belongings such as ornaments, books, CDs and DVDs. Resolve not to keep things in the future if you aren’t going to use them.

Finishing Touches

Finally, you can keep your other bits and bobs tidy by using handy finishing touches around your flat. I love things like coat hooks and kitchen towel holders. Other popular items include wine/spice racks, towel heaters in the bathroom and tie hangers.

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