Moving Ahead With Micro-Finance Loans

Some people are born poor but do you think it is their fault? They cannot be blamed for their lack of education or schooling. They too deserve a decent life and support from a caring society. The Mercy Foundation in the USA believes in helping the poor step out of poverty. Its team of caring and compassionate team of experts have joined hands to make the poor self-sufficient. The Foundation provides micro-finance loans to the poor and helps them overcome the dilemma of having to remain poor for the rest of their lives.

Meet a professional with a mission to help the poor

Joe Johnson is associated with The Mercy Foundation in the USA. He and his team of Joe Johnson Welfont experts have the onus of improving the lives of millions across the globe. When it comes to the domain of micro finance, most of the poor people do not know how it functions. His team of experts go out into the field and explain the process to them. He says they are really happy when they learn that the arena of micro finance has the ability to improve their lives.

The Mercy Foundation, he says is a non-profit organization. It is self-sufficient and it does not depend on third party donations at all. He says the compassionate team of experts here have the sole mission to place the power of change into the hands of the underprivileged. Micro loans and micro finance have helped many to come out of the poverty line. The track records and the success stories of The Foundation are commendable. This is the reason why it has a very good reputation in the USA today.

The Foundation today has helped many micro loan borrowers in more than 60 nations across the world. Most of the people are into agriculture or agro-based activities. The Foundation has helped them realize their dreams and become self-sufficient when it comes to earning a decent living. Most of the poor people who have been helped by the Foundation have successfully built their own homes. They have expanded their businesses and have been able to educate their children. The progress has been gradual but it is a large step towards development and growth.

He has seen successes with the loans given and the best part is people are now sending their children to school. Many of the poor people are uneducated and this is another drawback in their business. He says that micro finance is the key solution for individuals who need funds for a start-up business. The capital requested is not lend by a traditional bank and so it is here that such people get support and the funds they need for moving ahead in life he says.

Joe Johnson says that when he sees the smiling faces of the people that The Foundation has helped, he feels very contented. He says that many of them wish to be entrepreneurs however due to the lack of funding support; their dreams die an early death. He is fortunate to be associated with The Mercy Foundation and be a part of their lives. The Joe Johnson Welfont team is greatly loved and respected too!

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