Extermination Techniques for Carpenter Ants

Ranging from 3.4 to 13 mm long, carpenter ants are one among the largest ants seen in black, brown, red and black to light brown colors. Destructive to your home and office, they don’t eat wood but, remove the wood from walls, roofing for the reason that they create tunnels for them.  In simple they hollow out structural components thereby damaging woods.

Nesting in both moist and dry wood, their preference will be on moist wood; likely to be found in wood dampened by water leaks, such as around:

  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Poorly sealed windows
  • Door frames
  • Roof leaks and
  • Poorly flashed chimneys

With that said, Carpenter ants are one type of quite a few wood boring insects that homeowners must be on the sentinel for. Getting rid of it at the earliest will help and stop damage in addition.

Getting rid of ants completely can be a real challenge. All that is required to exterminate home-invading ants permanently are little knowledge, patience, and right strategies. Carpenter ants extermination is what you should prefer to get rid of ants completely. Applying the steps that are mentioned below will help you to certain extent, based on the degree of problem.

  • If you find any cracks or crevices apply caulk along the foundation, woods, doors; you should be sealing it.
  • Cut out the excess branches of tree this will avoid easy access of ants into the home.
  • Of all, make sure that you keep your space clean.
  • Do away with all crumbs, spills and any upsurge of food remains in the kitchen. Dispose the garbage on a regular basis. If there is no food source pests cannot easily thrive inside your home.
  • Do away with sticks, twigs and other sources of wood
  • Maintain logs stored up off the floor and away from the outer surface of the home. This is an excellent nesting area for carpenter ants.

The above mentioned tips will help you if you are facing ant’s problem to some extent. In extreme cases extermination is the first course of action which must be followed by declining of the problem that attracted the ants to the interior of your home. Despite the fact that getting rid of carpenter ants can take time, following the above said will help you to certainly extent thereby eventually eliminating the ants.

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