Pest & Termite Termination for Major Areas of Your Home

Pest Control

As we all know that when the seasons changes, pests start to appear and inhabit in every corner of our homes & gardens which is definitely quite irritating and troublesome. Specifically, Autumn and winter seasons are considered as a prime time for bed bugs, rodents and fleas, while spring & summer seasons are always ruled by biting and stinging insects to name a few.

Common Spring & Summer Pests:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Bees
  • Termites
  • Flies
  • Hornets
  • Ants
  • Ticks
  • Wasps

Spring & Summer prevention Tips:

Although there are various kinds of pests looking to invade your houses during these warmer months, there is normally handful of prevention ideas you should implement to keep these nasty pests away.

  1. Roof:

A fully damaged roof provides pests with easy access to your house. Common roof pests include wasps, bees and termites. In this regard, you need some efficient pest control services that can repair damaged roof tiles, fill cracked areas with roofing cements and can ensure that roof pipes are drain pipes are clear from debris.


  1. Bedrooms:

Bedrooms are actually the major prime spot of pest activities. For bed bugs, it can be prove to be a good source of food & refuge. So in this regard, you should keep all windows & doors shut, keep your furniture away from the walls, vacuum the area regularly and inspect termite activities.

  1. Kitchen:

Kitchen is the most ideal place for all pests and termites to forage for food. The abundance of food items can create severe troubles and invites ants & flies. So it’s important to store food items in air tight containers, keep work surfaces free from spillage and crumbs, empty your bins and check pipes for leakage and repairs.

  1. Windows:

Windows are no doubt the great entry for pests into your house. If you want to keep these pests away, try installing fly screens or keep your windows shut during swarming period for termites and ants.

Following the above mentioned tips can surely give a break and help you in managing these nasty creations, or you can take care of Termite Infestation effectively with the following 4 unique ideas,

4 Ideas to Terminate Termite Infestation Effectively

Termite infestation is definitely a very daunting, frustrating and difficult event. People whose homes are greatly infested with nasty termites always wonder what they should do to stop the further damage and how to get rid of that irritating noise termites make.

So let’s consider the ideas you can apply for effective termite infestation.

  1. Arrange Professional Inspections:

If you want to kick out the termites immediately, you should perform self-inspections first. If you think you can easily do that, so inspect the ground floor for all structural damages. Try to put special focus on exterior doors and on the parts where these walls make links to the foundation. Use a screwdriver and then hit the wood with heel to check any damage that is invisible. This might prove daunting, but would be very helpful. You can also have a best alternative solution for that, you can contact reliable company for termite treatment procedure who can also offer free termite inspection. In this way you would be able to seek professional helps can eradicate the issue forever.

  1. Liquid Termite Treatment:

After identifying the damage, you should apply some tips and techniques to get rid of them. One typical way is to apply liquid termite treatment. Using termiticide spray around home will kill or ward off all the termites.

  1. Borate Treatment:

You can also apply another effective termite treatment, which is borate termite treatment. Borate treatments place directly to wood in house just like you would have applied a simple coat of paint. But keep in mind that this will be only effective when the house is being constructed.

  1. Termite Bait:

In that case, you can put baits around the house and then slowly terminate the colony by spreading small amounts of pesticides through all the workers.

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