Protect Your Establishment By Taking Notice Of Potential Foundation Problems

Having a strong foundation will most certainly make anyone sleep with slightly less worries than having to take into account that one might spend a considerable amount of money if any sign of foundation damage occurs. Not only will foundation problems lead to expensive repair costs but they are a pain to deal with because you will not be able to stay in your house while the repairs take place.

Bear in mind that one is heavily advised to have some extensive knowledge of how to spot a problem before it escalates into a bigger issue. Potential damage to one’s foundation includes the likes of finding your windows not being able to close properly, cracks which can be found where walls meet as well as a door jamming.

If one notices his or her house being slightly uneven, do not panic because they take a lot of time to settle down. These factors are easily dealt with by teams such as SMR experts without you having to worry about a potential disaster.

These signs which occur behind the walls of the building should be regarded as a top priority which needs immediate fixing. If one is to look around outside of the establishment, the foundation should be check to make sure that the walls are as straight as possible. Any dents in walls might cause them to lean over and eventually collapse.

The most common problem when it comes to foundation damage is a curved wall. This is the most obvious hint that the foundation changed its initial place and one is to make sure that structural components such as concrete supports, piers and posts are all in place and are not affected by any damage.

One is also advised to check for moisture and water leaks around spaces such as basements and cellars. Puddles or wet framing are major signs of potential damage to a foundation. Have these checked by probing wood posts with a sharp object such as a screwdriver. Poor drainage and the accumulation of water are threatening.

The accumulation of water in an area makes the soil over-saturated and when temperatures drop below freezing point it expands, thus making the whole foundation move significantly. If the foundation happens to move some noticeable cracks will form around the establishment and the ones which are the most dangerous are of horizontal shape.

They are clear signs of a foundation stepping down and should be addressed immediately as the sooner it is dealt with the better will you feel knowing that your house is out of harm’s way.

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