Reasons Hiring a Mover is Better Than Trusting Your Friends

Friends are great for some things: accompanying you to drinks on a Friday night, being a sounding board, and introducing you to new friends. And while many people might offer to help at the news that you’re moving, it’s likely a polite gesture more than it’s a serious offer. Moving is an enormous responsibility and stressful enough already, so your best bet is to hire professional movers to help you manage it. Here are some reasons that hiring a mover is better than counting on your friends to help you.

Cost. Moving costs a lot, and you might think that this moving your stuff yourself is where you can save some money. It might be possible, but the time, effort and stress of moving yourself may outweigh any potential savings. Movers come with boxes, tape and other moving supplies, meaning you don’t have to buy them yourself. Movers have likely packed (and unpacked) hundreds of houses, so they know the best way to do it. They’ll be more efficient than you would, all while you don’t have to worry about the process.

Liability. Moving companies are insured in case of an accident, and your stuff is protected. If you rent your own moving van and pack it yourself, it’s your fault if anything happens. Any accident or loss is upsetting regardless, but knowing it’s covered creates a peace of mind that you don’t have when you put yourself in charge of the process.

Supplies. While friends may offer to help, they’ll more than likely come empty-handed. There’s no need to ask your friend who owns a pickup to borrow it, nor a reason to bug Facebook friends to see who has furniture-lifting straps or a dolly. Movers bring it all with them, and leave nothing when they’re done.

Storage. Should there be a change in plans or a delay at the new house, many moving companies will store your stuff in their own storage facilities. No need for you to worry about timing, logistics or finding a reasonably priced storage facility if things don’t go as planned.

Hard work is done for you. No need to even think about the proper way to lift a couch, or how to disassemble a bed, or how to fit a dining room table through a doorway. You can watch and direct the movers without breaking a sweat, or even disappear from the house for the day while they do their work.

Moving as it is has enough stress involved, so make it easy on yourself by getting someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. There are enough details and variables to handle in the first place, beyond just how to organize the furniture pieces so they fit in the back of a borrowed truck. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good moving company instead of accepting your friends’ halfhearted offers to help.

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