Bitcoin Wallet For Android Versus Web Wallet

Many people often confuse a bitcoin wallet with a web wallet. Both might look the same however they are not the same. The bitcoin wallet looks like a Paypal wallet or any other account that has web money however it is unique and very different when it comes to storing your money or processing payments.

The difference between a bitcoin wallet for Android versus web wallet

If you take a look at the traditional systems of payment with general currency you will find that the bitcoin wallet for android does not keep or store your funds. The wallet only secures the encrypted public and private keys that are related to the bitcoin blockchain. The coins that you own are not stored in the wallet, they are kept in the blockchain. The interface allows you to see the information and the data of the blockchain and that appears to be your mobile wallet.

How does bitcoin wallets work for Android and desktop wallets?

If you check the way on which bitcoin wallets work, you will find there is a difference in stored data for applications and software that is used for purchases and transactions. Both of them however are original bitcoin wallets however when it comes to the way they store coins you will find a slight difference.

Understanding the way desktop bitcoin wallets work

The desktop bitcoin wallet has to be installed into your device like other software and it is called a software wallet. The software will download the blockchain and contain its transaction history. There are some blocks that are stored locally and they reduce the capacity of your hard drive. Once the bitcoin wallet for your desktop has been installed, it sends requests to web services and transmits and receives messages for the bitcoin network. Once the core wallet is downloaded you have the means to operate it on a full-scale basis.

There are again some lightweight versions of the bitcoin wallet that are called the Electrum portable wallet. They provide you with similar service however are not secure like the above. They are faster and operate on a smaller scale. They store the block headers and compare the hash to the blockchain so that you have sufficient funds to use.

The bitcoin wallet for Android is therefore different from the web wallets that you use for general currency. If you check the market today, you will find that there is many bitcoin wallet software for you to install. When you are comparing these bitcoin wallets for your use, ensure that you install and download a bitcoin wallet that has good ratings and reviews in the market. This will help you in a large way to use these wallets for transactions. A good bitcoin wallet will be simple for you to use. The biggest advantage of bitcoin is that there are no fixed hours for banking and you effectively can conduct transactions at any time and place without hassles at all. This currency is the new digital currency of the world and it is simple and convenient for you to use.

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