Reasons Why Every Business Should Make Mobile Marketing Their Priority

The 21st century has brought with itself many innovative and productive methodology of marketing. Gone are the days when people needed banners and fliers to advertise and market their business. In a very short span of time, the advertising industry has seen a radical change in its operation. The credit for this goes to the continuous evolution of digital technology.

With the advent of the modern technology, which is available just a tap away to virtually everyone, via mobile, the advertising world is getting revolutionized. Marketers are constantly on the lookout for better things that will keep them in the game. Mobile marketing is a sure shot formula to get ahead of competitors in the market.

Why mobile marketing?

So, let us try to answer the million-dollar question – Why mobile marketing? Smartphones give the option of using a wide variety of applications and yet they can be simply carried in pocket or in handbag. The technological advancement of mobile phones has paved a way for videos, social network sites to be used as tools of mobile marketing.

Listed below are five reasons why every business should make mobile marketing their priority:

  • Mobile Means a Bigger Audience:

Most consumers rely on their smartphones which is evident from the fact that over 50 per cent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Statistics show that mobile usage is growing 14 times faster than desktop devices. This goes without saying, if you are not already utilizing mobile marketing, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with the good majority of consumers.

  • Real-time and Personalized Platform:

Mobile Applications help the marketer to reach a newer and wider audience in real time and on a personal level, which is a different and unique engagement that you would not find in other communication channels. Moreover, mobile phones are individual accessories that people carry with them at all time and hence can be used as an excellent tool to convert viewers into paying customers.

  • Google gives Rewards and Penalties:

As per a report, Google’s Mobilegeddon update actively penalizes websites that haven’t started to consider mobile marketing. So you will be penalized if your site is not responsive and easy to browse on mobile devices.

At the same time, Google will give you a marketing boost by increasing your website visibility through searches if your site is mobile-friendly.

  • Budget is Comparatively Low:

One of the best thing about mobile marketing is that it’s pocket–friendly. You do not have to invest a fortune but it is within the hold of any scale of business, especially for small business owners. Mobile-friendly business profiles can be created quickly and be maintained and updated easily.

  • Popularity of Social and Shopping sites in Mobile:

People tweet, post messages on social media, and even write blogs using their Smartphones. The advertisers can easily use Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites to lure the users to their product or brand. Same goes for shopping sites; more the number of responsive shopping sites, more is the advertisement scope.


The bottom line is, mobile marketing has grown it’s root deep into the advertising world and is here to stay. Many recent studies show that it will continue to gain a bigger and better position as time goes on. It is advisable to invest in it as soon as possible because companies that wait will find it tougher to climb aboard, and they will definitely have to pay more to do it.

In closing, let us accept the fact that mobiles aren’t going away, anywhere in the future. So why not step up your game and beat your competitors before they snag up the entire market.

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