Tips to Maintain and Check Your HVAC System

A fully functioning HVAC system can be an essential component of any home. For instance, during the hot summer months, it can be unbearable living in a home that doesn’t have an air conditioning system to keep the home cool. Also, the effort or cost of performing maintenance on an HVAC system can actually pay for itself. An air conditioning system could be increasing your power bills when the inefficiency levels rise via dirty or worn out components. Maintenance can return a system to peak operating condition and in the process reduce the cost of running the system.

Here are a few of the top HVAC maintenance considerations to make:

Bring in the Professionals

As tempting as it might be to do all of the work yourself, you do need to outsource some maintenance tasks. For example, you may need to hire professionals to do some rewiring or clean out the difficult to reach places of the HVAC system. Also to ensure the efficient running of new units it makes sense for fully qualified technicians to install those. They are best placed to set up an HVAC system for optimal running conditions.

The most economical method for maintenance tasks would be to set up a yearly contract. This will set you back in the range of $200-500. The cost can at least partially be retrieved via reduced energy bills as a result of a more efficient HVAC system. Try to choose lee’s company that has a solid reputation for great work at competitive prices.

Seasonal Checklist

  • Lubrication: moving parts need to be lubricated periodically to reduce the levels of friction within the system. Without lubrication moving parts have a greater chance of breaking down and costly repairs will have to be performed.
  • Electrical Connections: loose electrical connections can lead to the system not functioning properly and competent failure is likely to happen.
  • Thermostat Settings: nowadays HVAC systems cool and heat a home using programmable functions. However, the system must be calibrated from time to time to ensure it functions as desired.
  • Condensate Drain: the moisture levels in your home cannot be controlled if the heat pumps or condensate drain becomes obstructed. High moisture levels can lead to poor air quality as the mold is likely to build up.
  • Start-up and Shutdown Systems: the times of day a system turns on and shuts down are programmed. These programmable functions must be checked to ensure the system is only turned on for as long as it is needed.
  • Air Filter: the air filter performs the vital function of catching those unwanted air particles that induce allergies and reduce the overall air quality in the home. Once the filter clogs up it’s unable to perform those vital functions, so make sure they are replaced or cleaned regularly.

Furnace Maintenance

When it comes to furnace maintenance there are only two major tasks that need to be performed. First of all, check the connections and fuel lines. 100% secure connections not only provides optimal system efficiency but also prevents situations that are dangerous. Cracked heat exchangers need to be replaced, so keep an eye out for these.

A buildup of carbon monoxide and a bunch of other toxic gasses can occur if the exhaust pipe is blocked for any reason. Inspect the exhaust pipe to ensure its expelling gasses in the desired fashion. Also, the vent stack or chimney flue must be inspected to ensure there is no presence of back drafting, leaks or corrosion. Perform immediate emergency maintenance tasks to correct any faults you find.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Before the start of the cooling season ensure that the dirty coils are cleaned to allow for optimal efficiency levels. Cooling costs tend to increase the dirtier the coils become. Also, the air compressors can become damaged if the correct coolant levels are not maintained. So check the coolant levels and ensure they are within the parameters for the optimal requirements of your HVAC system.

The way a lot of air cooling systems work is by blowing air over the cooled coils, so in addition to clean coils, the efficiency of the air flow is also important. Ensure that air flow is unimpeded and all components that promote air flow are fully functioning.

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