Martin Lloyd Sanders- Major Tourist Attractions In Los Angeles

When you decide to visit Los Angeles, you will find there are many things for you to do. The city is vibrant and alive. It is welcoming and friendly. Both the young and the old are happy with the range of things and places that you can see and visit here!

Martin Lloyd Sanders- explore the excitement of Los Angeles

Martin Lloyd Sanders is interested in photography and traveling. He says that when you come to Los Angeles, you should not miss visiting Venice Beach. It is one of the top beaches in California and there are tourists from across the globe that come here on a regular basis. You may also check out the popular Figtree Café and Small World Books if you are fond of reading.

Visit Los Angeles and collect amazing memories

When you are in Los Angeles, you cannot afford to miss Hollywood and the famous hand and footprints at The Chinese Theatre. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a place where you will bump into some iconic entertainers and celebrities. If you like museums, you must visit The Getty Center – this center is famous for its hilltop campus. You will find paintings by Ruben, Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Cezanne and other world -famous impressionists.

Shopping and Walking Tours – you have them all here

Do you remember Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman?” If yes, you can relive the moments like she did shopping in Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Nearby you can visit The Anderson Court that is a famous shopping mall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

If you are not too keen on going on a shopping spree, do not forget to go on a walking tour of The Los Angeles Conservancy. Here, you are able to take in the top sights of the city and check out the famous buildings of historic theatres and the Art Deco Museum. You may also opt for the modern skyline tours that take place bi-monthly here.

Enjoy Los Angeles with your children too

If you are with your kids, you should not miss out the Jurassic Park adventures at The Museum of Jurassic Technology. You and your kids will be amazed at the scientific wonders that it houses. This Institute is a fantastic combination of fiction and fact that you should never miss with your children at Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is full of other salient attractions like The TMZ Celebrity Tour, Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios Hollywood, The Nethercutt Collection, The Santa Monica and Venice Tour etc. This means when you come here you will never get bored as there is something for people of all ages.

Martin Lloyd Sanders says that when you are in Los Angeles, you should not forget to check out its local cuisine as well. You will love the bars, restaurants and the cafes you find here. The Hard Rock Café in Los Angeles is very famous and when you are in the city, be sure to pay a visit to it he says.

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