Truly Unbelievable French Antique Furniture

Today the market is overloaded with cheap imitations of French styled furniture that allows you to decorate your home in European style without having to pay a huge price for it. The original furniture from the golden age of French is expensive – not to mention that though. These types of furniture are difficult to find. Even though the duplicated versions of French antique furniture are remarkable in their style, beauty and detailing. It can never come close to emulate the real character of original French furniture.

French antique furniture is a piece from the rare collections. This rare collectability of French furniture collects prices beyond your wildest imaginations. If you are a person who likes French furniture and if you are looking to find antique French furniture whose percentage is documented, then surely this article is helpful for you.

Determining the Age of the Antique Furniture

  • When you want to buy any antique furniture, then you should keep one thing on your mind – Age of the furniture.

  • Before you try to find antique furniture, you should be able to determine its exact age.

  • These days you can find mass produced furniture bound in the market, so you need to be sure that you are buying the real deal and not facing any fraud deal.

  • There are certain indicators that will help you to determine the age of the French antique furniture. For example, the way a piece of furniture is constructed along with the materials used in its production will help you estimate its age.

  • Look at the antique French furniture for the kind of screws, nails and wood used in the furniture constructions. These elements tend to show noticeable signs of ageing including flawed and disfigured surface, scarring and staining or finishing that has worn off by time.

How to Buy the Right Furniture?

There are several different ways by which you can buy the true and right French style furniture.

  1. Classified Ads

  2. Contact Dealers

  3. Auctions

  4. Estate Sales Agents

However, you need to make sure of certain aspects.

  • Original antique French furniture should be of 100 or more years old.

  • Become familiar with the general terms used to express furniture in history.

  • Most of the sellers give classified ads or do advertising of their unique antique furniture that is based on terms like Louis XV or Henri II.

  • Look at your local newspapers or online websites to find ads of this French antique furniture. You could also check out the varied contact sellers and auctioneers who advertise using certain significant terms of antique lineage.

  • Get in touch with the sellers and make an inquiry about the history of the furniture, current condition of the furniture, priced quote and how long they have been used that furniture.

  • You also need to make an inquiry if there is any evidence available that could trace back the history of the furniture.

  • Moreover, one of the best ways to find the French antique furniture, which is rare, is become possible through a reputed dealer; an experienced dealer will help you to recognize original antique furniture.

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