Truly Unbelievable Types of LED Strips

Due to numerous benefits associated with using LED strips such as low energy consumption, high efficiency, durability and many more, these types of lights are now becoming popular among large number of people or you can say almost all people. These strips have replaced the traditional fluorescent, halogen, and neon lighting as these are quite easy to install as well as require replacement to lesser extent. LED strips or what is commonly known as Light Emitting Diode have found applications in vast fields such as homes, offices,automotive and such other places where normal lights with filaments don’t work well. Depending upon different characteristics of the LED strips, these are available in different types.

Single Colour LED Strips– Such type of strips is available in a single colour only such as red, blue, and green, white, yellow. You can select any of these according to your preference and requirement.

Analog LED Strips- These LED strips are also available in single colour but the colour can be changed by using a remote control or DMX. You can change colour of the strip as per requirement.

Digital LED Strips– In this type of LED strips, each diode colour of the strip can be changed individually. These types of LED strips find application to create LED screens and to produce disco effects.

These are the LED strips depending upon colour of the strips.

Now we will discuss about LED strips which vary according to diode types being used in them:

3528 LED Strips– These are the low power diode strips which are commonly used in homes, offices etc.

5060 LED strips- These are among the most powerful LED diode which is used in LED strips. These strips are available in white colour as well as other wide range of colours.

5050 LED Strips– It is the Chinese edition of the 5060 LED strips. But these strips have lower light power.

Let us now explore the type of LED strips based on the number of LED diodes. There are LED strips available with 30, 42, 60 or 120 LEDs per meter. It is noteworthy that the price as well as the intensity and smoothness of light emitted by these strips are directly proportional to the number of diodes used per meter.

Apart from above LED strip types, there are some more types as mentioned below:

Waterproof LED Strip– There are LED strip types which are waterproof i.e. they can keep on working even if they are wet as these are protected with a special type of coating. These types of LED strips are most suitable to be used outdoors where there is always risk from atmospheric conditions such as rain, wind or storms. You can use these strips to decorate a garden or outer area of your house.

Non-Water Resistant– These types of LED strips are not able to resist water and hence always at risk of damage due to moisture or wet conditions. However, these types of strips can still be used for indoor illumination purpose or decoration.

You can select any of these LED strips depending upon the location of installation and your specific requirement of illumination.

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