What to Gift this Year? Outside the Box Gifts for the One Who Already Has Everything

Holiday shopping can be fun for some but stressful for others. People who don’t have a lot of material possessions already make it easy because in the worst case scenario, you just buy them a gift card to their favorite store. Have a brother who likes to hike and camp, gift card for an outdoorsman’s warehouse; sister who loves shoes, gift card to the outlet store. But gifts get tricky when the person you are buying for already has everything; if they want it, they simply buy it. Gift cards aren’t even good because money means very little to these people. That’s why you need to think outside the box of physical gifts and think “what do they really want?”

Mom’s Who Have Everything!!

If you are like many, mom’s can be the hardest to shop for. Typically if they want or need something they just go and get it. Only really high money items would really shock them and chances are they are well out of your budget. Instead think about how you can make her feel loved. Find a local day spa to get her a full day away from everything. Treatments range everywhere from nails and hair, massages, or even some light botox if she so desires. Whatever package you find, she’s sure to feel in paradise for the day. Give her the voucher with all expenses paid, including gratuity, and a nice message from the heart. This will show her how much you care and also allow her a day to feel like she’s the only person in the world that really matters!

How Do You Buy for Dad?

Dad’s are a lot simpler if you really want to get down to it. Most of the time all they want is some peaceful times and possibly nice company. So you can take a few routes in this scenario. First, you could help to get the house cleaned, lawn maintained, and all the chores for the weekend done, pack your own bag or bags, leave the fridge fully stocked, and take off for the weekend. If your dad lives alone with mom, maybe the best gift could be to spend a family day together or possibly a guys trip. Talk to him and see what he wants, even if it isn’t a surprise, the thought you put in and planning involved will really make an impact.

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