Why You Should Have Your Roof Checked in Winter

If you live somewhere that experiences harsh winters, you would probably never consider that season to be the best one to have your roof fixed or replaced. But the reality is that it may actually be the very best time of all. Roofing companies aren’t closed during winter, so that tells you that they do actually work, and most likely for more than just emergency repairs. And if you were to speak to a Chicago roofing company, you may even find that winter is their favorite time of year.

But Isn’t It Too Cold to Replace a Roof?

You would think so, wouldn’t you? But by that reasoning, isn’t spring too full of pollen, summer too hot and autumn too wet? Sure, it is cold and your home won’t be pleasant while the roof is being replaced, but it won’t be pleasant regardless of what time of year you do it in. And the builders working on your roof will not mind either, as they will warm up through their work and won’t actually scorch as they will during summer.

But There’s Snow on My Roof!

And what do you think snow shovels exist for? Getting snow off a roof really isn’t a big deal. And if you have kids, they will love the fact that they suddenly have a mountain of snow to play with. Of course safety measures have to be put in place, but roofers are trained for that.

Ok, so now that you know your reasons to NOT have your roof replaced in winter are invalid, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why winter is actually the best time of year.

  1. Ice Dams

If you live in Chicago, you will have heard of ice dams. Those are those freezing breaks on the eaves of your home that have built up when snow melted and froze again before it could evaporate. A good roofing company will help you to install and ‘ice and water barrier’ so that you no longer have to worry about ice dams.

  1. Winters Make Bad Roofs Worse

If your roof is already breaking, then you can guarantee that it will get worse during the winter. You have a choice: get it replaced now, when it is comfortable for everybody, or have it repaired. If you do nothing, the option of repairing it will more than likely be completely lost come spring and you will have to have that replacement.

  1. Roofers Will Be There Very Quickly

Winter is not a busy time for roofers, even though they would prefer to work more in that period. You can take advantage of that, as it means you won’t have to wait long for them to come out. Plus, because the time period is pretty slow for them, you may even be able to get a nice discount, having a roof replacement for much less than what it would cost you if you had it during spring or summer.

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